Pop one on, and take a journey to a patio ~

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Pulling up to Seattle amidst fog horns, cool mornings, and soft evening breezes is a long-time listener, first-time caller: Ash Williams. Bringing a taste of the Bay up to our rainy city, this natural wine aficionado has brought together a tasteful set of tunes to set your late-summer mind at ease. Duration: 52:59
At an evening gathering in the garden, the villa lit from within, bowls of parmesan-covered pasta on the tables, one hears across the lawn: "Ciao!" --- None other than Miles is here, strolling into view, and just in time at that. The hour has come for some after-dinner tunes, and amico mio il selezionatore is here to send the night into easy living with a selection of graceful, moody, and playful tunes. Duration: 53:20
Well, well, well… it’s Mr. Mazda, zipping by with a “beep beep.” Even in November, you can catch him with the top down, cruising Lake Washington Blvd. in the late afternoon, hair blowing in the wind. A bit groovy, a bit moody, a bit off-the-radar, this well-traveled connoisseur can provide any get-together with a collection of tunes to make you say “Ooooh.” Duration: 1:40:02
An elusive breeze slips catches you on the street; a rustle (caused by a slither, maybe) alerts you to the leaves at your feet. The sky turns from an evening slate to a twilight indigo, shadows lose their definition, and the gentle orbs of streetlights stumble in the mist. Softly, tumbling piano keys seem to soundtrack your walk home. Duration: 1:04:21
Enjoy the mellow mystery of a moonlit fall night on a patio somewhere in the Emerald city. Thousands of people sleeping all around while the lights slowly twinkle out and fade into fog. Somewhere on the block a saxophone calls out, practicing his moody performance for an audience of none. Sip your negroni for warmth, pull up your jacket collar, and let the night unfold around you. Duration: 1:10:06
Another day in the Californian paradise - Jo and Dylan are out on the porch of their Los Angeles bungalow, watching the western sunset unfold above the dusty city. Coming from the radio is the strumming of a guitar, and Bertie the cockatiel on Jo's shoulder hums along, while her and Dylan's white boots tap against the wood. It's picturesque - take a seat, sip some lemonade, listen to some sweet crooning country, and enjoy yourself. Duration: 1:03:02
Whirs, clicks, robotic blips, and the whine of an unfurling zoom lens. Megapixels kept to a minimum. A retro-futuristic collection of summer tunes spanning classic lounge-muzak rhythms up to contemporary groovers with a sense of techno-playfulness. sofi☆ is here, dispelling any popular notions of how one ought to enjoy themselves in 2018. Duration: 1:17:00
In the light of the molten summer sun, expanding outwards across a smokey horizon, a figure approaches. Becoming clearer - a baby blue lab coat bafflingly swaying in the absent breeze - it's Sean Morrow, headphones on, lost in the eclectic rhythms of his own selections. Duration: 1:48:25
A burst of noise stops you in your tracks. You look up. On top of a nearby building you see Ahold Of & Simone bobbing back and forth, house rhythms echoing out over the city. Tracks flow together one after another, and you think: "Wow, they’ve got a Nice Touch with this..." Duration: 1:02:46
It's summer. It's hot. It's muggy. Sweat clings to your tank top. A butterfly temporary tattoo is peeling off your arm. Your friend GOOP pulls up in the '94 Dodge Dakota. You're feeling down, but not out. You're ready to explore... Duration: 1:28:35
10pm, Seattle, late July: the last rays of sunset are fading behind Queen Anne. Take a stroll along the Eastlake promenade and odds are that you'll find Alex Carrabba on the decks somewhere, providing expertly selected low-to-mid-tempo grooves to a moonlit dance floor. Join in. Duration: 1:17:09